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Home The News National Coordinator Nah calls for education revolution

National Coordinator Nah calls for education revolution

Madame President, Members of the legislature, members of the diplomat corps, officials of government, colleagues from national and international NGOs, members of the media – ladies and gentleman.

Liberia  has experienced all sorts of revolutions, but today Liberia requires a revolution in education.


I remember at a LDA meeting the President boldly confronted all of us with the messiness of the education system.

From that point, we were all called to arms for a revolution in education. We did not believe that the burden to begin the revolution and reinvigoration  the education system rested solely on the shoulders  of the Ministry of Education, but needed to be carried by all Liberians and partners interested in proactive transformation of our education system.

Civil society as a partner is delighted that the Ministry of Education has become more proactive and consultational, and this operational plan represents a pivotal step in our new education revolution. The plan sets out clearly defined goals and objectives, and we note the spice of innovation and the accommodation of ideas from numerous stakeholders including civil society. We call on the government and partners to provide the financial support that that will lead to the effective implementation of this operational plan.

However, we want to call on the Ministry of Education to turn a new chapter when it comes to the implementation of its operational plans 2014 - 2016.  We want the momentum started maintained.  We call for a robust monitoring and evaluation system, and a zero tolerance of corruption and other vices that we all know undermine quality education

The education revolution we have started requires that we become more creative in dealing with challenges we face.  It requires national ownership and we want to assure you Madame President that civil society will be a trustworthy partner in this endeavor.  I Thank you

How to improve the Education System of Liberia: