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Home The News COTAE Conduct Training for Media Partners

COTAE Conduct Training for Media Partners

As part of ongoing Ebola response efforts, COTAE through the Liberia Economic Journalist Association (LEJA) has conducted a two-day training for media representatives to enhance their reportage in the education sector. The training drilled reporters through the School Reopening Protocols rolled out by the Ministry of Education and also taught them on reporting economic issues arising as a result of the Ebola outbreak.



To ensure school environments are safe and conducive and the spread of communicable diseases adequately prevented, the Ministry of Education has rolled out the protocols for safe school environment during the Ebola outbreak. This document outlines requirements to be put in place before schools reopen across the country. Among these requirements, installation of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in all schools, provision of temporary isolation spaces for sick students, adequate clinic referral plan for sick students, the formation of health committees, and access to safe drinking water. The protocol requires that temperatures of all personnel entering a school premises be checked with thermo flashes and abnormalities reported. Safe eating, drinking and touch policies are also set forth in the protocols. Reporters are to monitor school campuses and ensure compliance with these protocols.

Media representatives at the training were also lectured on economic reporting during emergencies like the Ebola outbreak. Various economic data and their usages were discussed.

This training is under the auspices of IBIS Liberia’s Ebola Response Project being jointly implemented by COTAE, CENTAL and NAYMOTE.

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