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Liberia Postpones School Reopening Again

By Al Varney Rogers - FrontPage Africa


Monrovia- The Ministry of Education has postponed the reopening of schools from February 16 to March 2, 2015.

The Ministry in a release said the decision to move the opening of schools from February to March is in response to several appeals by parents and school administrators.

“The Public is hereby informed that due to numerous appeals from school administrators, parents and other stakeholders, the commencement of classes have now been scheduled for Monday 2, 2015,” the released added.


The release continues: “Meanwhile, school authorities are urged to complete all outstanding orientation activities for teachers and students including refresher and Ebola Training workshop.”

The release added, that the Ministry of Education has urged all schools to honor the new date set for resumption of classes.

The Ministry’s decision comes in the wake of a three-page report recently issued by the National Legislature calling for the postponement of the reopening of schools.

The legislative report stated, that February 2, was not feasible due to the works needed to be done by school administrators for the reopening of schools.

The House's committee reports added, the renovation of 500 public schools and training of County and District Education Officers require a lot of time but Ministry adjusted the resumption of classes from the second of February to the sixteenth.

The release that postponed school reopening from February 2 to March 2 was Sign by Sannor Goe, Acting Director of Communications and approved by Atty Ramses Kumbayah, Deputy Minister for Administration.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 21:20)

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