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Home The News Liberia to Close Schools July 31, 2015

Liberia to Close Schools July 31, 2015

The government of Liberia through Education Ministry has announced that schools in Liberia will close on July 31 2013.

The move, which has mixed public views, comes in barely two days after the plenary of the House of Representatives decision mandated Education Minister, George Werner to, within three days, make a public service announcement in both print and electronic media, reversing the previously proposed June 30 closure plan. In their instruction to the Minister, the Liberia Lower House also demanded that Minister Werner withdraws the letter sent to West African Examination Council (WAEC) to cancel the exam for Liberia. They further instructed him to keep schools open until the current emergency school calendar is exhausted. Many see this move as a defiance of the lawmakers while others argue that the House has no jurisdiction over a direct employee of the Executive and such should not instruct the minister of education. In fact, many believe in the minister’s capacity to carry out reforms in the sector to transform it from “mess” to “best”.



Addressing reporters at the Ministry of Information regular press conference on Thursday, June 25, 2015 on Capitol Hill, Minister Werner said the government has finally sanctioned the closure of school by July 31, 2015. He claimed that the decision to have schools close and open on the 7th of September 2015 is a government decision despite of the plenary of the House's decision not to close school.

Minister Werner said all schools will close on the mentioned date and there will be no WAEC and WASSCE test for Liberian students. Regarding promotion of student, the MOE boss said the decision to promote students will be left with the school authority.

It is now clear that the government is divided over the decision to close schools. The first branch of government, the Legislature on last Tuesday abolished Minister Werner’s school closure plan — though it had not been launched at the time —mandating him to make a public service announcement dismissing the rumors to have a school close by June 30, 2015.

Most parents, students and school authorities have expressed disagreement over the closure of school on June 30. In expression of their greviences, some private school students stormed Capitol Building on Tuesday during the appearance of Minister Werner. “No school, no work,no WAEC, no work, Minister Werner stop terming our academic year as study class”, some of their placards read.


Minister Werner said the ministry will begin the Distribution of 1 million textbooks for Grades 5-9 in the four core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, & English) for public schools. Teacher training will complement the distribution of books; the MoE will also distribute 1.3 million supplementary readers for Grades 1-4 nationwide to all public basic education schools; MoE will work with the MoJ to stop the selling of public school materials.

“New textbooks will be procured for senior secondary students. Out of the EbolaEmergency Response Fund from the World Bank, 3.2 million has been allocated to Ministry of Education for the procurement and distribution of secondary school textbooks for public schools. Depending on when the Ministry of Justice signs the MOU, between now and October 2015, textbooks for Grades 10 – 12 (in the six core subjects – Math, English, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry), will arrive in Liberia for distribution”, Minister Werner stated.

How to improve the Education System of Liberia: